Two Stage Gas Furnace
Gas Furnaces in Oneida, NY and surrounding areas

For Maximum Comfort with Maximum Efficiency!

The two-stage design reduces temperature swings and on-off furnace cycling by providing a gentle, steady flow of warm air.  It does this by operating in the low stage most of the time, automatically shifting to the high stage when there's a demand for extra heat.

The low stage saves on utility bills because the burner flame is smaller and the blower fan runs at a slower speed, but even in the high stage, the furnace is a fuel miser at 95% AFUE.

An additional benefit is improved indoor air quality as air passes through the filter whenever the furnace is running, on high or low fire.  Available in upflow only.

The GTUA 95% Series is Energy Star rated and models may qualify for tax credits for energy efficiency.  See your tax professional for how this may apply to you.


  • Quiet Operation
    Insulated blower compartment, specially designed inducer system, electronic ignition and slow-opening gas valve make this one of the quietest furnaces on the market.
  • In-Shot Burner
    Provides the most efficient mixture of air and gas, saving on fuel costs.
  • Direct Spark Ignition
    Efficient and reliable method of lighting the burner, eliminates the need for a standing pilot.
  • Integrated Furnace Control
    The single control board is set up to accept options such as central A/C and electronic air cleaner;  includes on-board diagnostics.
  • Easy To Install
    Comes assembled and pre-wired;  the gas connections can be make ont he left or right side and combustion air can be piped to either top or side of the cabinet.
  • Low Profile
    At just 34" high, furnace fits virtually anywhere.

Limited lifetime warranty on heat exchangers;  limited 12 year warranty on all other components - see printed warranty for details of limitations.

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